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Visual chart based technical analysis including alternative scenarios

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With analysis done for you by senior analysts combined with algorithmic support

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Every trading signal comes with clear price targets and supporting commentary

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Signals feed summary

This feature gives you a comprehensive overview of the recent trading signals across various markets and symbols.Signals are fed in to the app throughout the day and updated to ensure you receive relevant signals based on current market data.

Find signals by market

The trading signals app offers you a convenient way to find signals based on your preferred market, allowing you to get trading ideas for forex, stocks, indices and commodities markets.

Technical views

Integrated with content provided by Trading central to empower traders like you to make informed decisions. Trading central scan the market and deliver timely trade ideas with possible direction, price targets and alternative scenarios.

Customise alerts

Tailor your alerts to suit your trading style and preferences. With customised alerts, you can have control over what information you receive and when you receive it. Receive the alerts you want by market type or symbol.

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